Ergonomic solutions for healthier, more comfortable workspaces.

Ergotech is the leading provider of innovative mounting solutions ranging from retrofit sit-stands to multi-functional monitor arms and mounts.


Our product line was developed with the end-user in mind. We strive to provide a healthier, more comfortable workspace environment. Choose between our free-standing and mounted desk stand systems, our monitor arms for both PC & iMac®, or our robust height adjustable sit-stand product line.

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Freedom Stand®



With the ability to convert any surface into a personalized sit-stand desk, the Freedom Stand will transform how you do work.The Freedom stand is a height adjustable wok surface that can sit directly on top of any desk or table, instantly giving yo…



Train Your Brain: How to stay

focused at work



You start your day focused, ready to tackle your day one task at a time. Suddenly something comes up and without giving a thought to how pressing the distraction is you veer off course. Five minutes, ten minutes, an hour later you have no idea where…



Making a Home Office that

Works for You



It seems that nowadays people are working from home with more and more frequency. Whether it is because of family, the commute, or just personal preference, it is certainly a growing trend. The issue is that when working from home, most people do…



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