Custom Solutions Case Studies

Case Study #3


Who: A major Financial Institution


Need: This client hired a national Ergonomic consulting firm to study every available sit stand solution on the market.  After reviewing all the top products including Ergotron, Human Scale, Kangaroo and their existing contract furniture dealer, they were not able to find a product that satisfactorily met the design perimeters.  Noticeably absent features were:

     - The ability to mount up to 4 screens

     - Large, stable work surface to enable user to continue to do their job in a standing    position.  Had to be large enough to hold whatever the user needs.

     - Electric powered


Solution: The Ergotech custom solutions team created an electric sit stand system, able to hold up to four 27" monitors at one time.

Case Study #1


Who: A well-known Medical Group located in a 500+ treatment room facility who had previously installed Ergotron StyleView monitor and keyboard mounts.


Need: This client was not satisfied with the performance of the Ergotron StyleView.  The usable desk area was completely unstable to the point that it would sink or lower with any amount of hand or arm pressure, causing a shaking display.  The client also needed a wall mount sit stand system that would allow for patient facing interaction, as they received a large amount of complaints that caregivers had their backs to patients during visits.


Solution: Modify our existing electronic height adjustable systems/desk mount sit stand to a wall mounted option where both the writing surface and keyboard platform and monitor mount allowed 180 degree rotation right or left for patient facing input.




Case Study #2


Who: One of the largest national Hospital Groups in the country.


Need: This client needed a rolling, stable, lockable "theft-proof "universal tablet holder that could be used to provide video conferencing service for hospital patients.  Various products were tested and tried, but all lacked the required combination of high-quality materials, lock-ability, stability and flexibility.


Solution: The Ergotech custom solutions team followed their proven custom design process consisting of client meetings, engineering meetings, engineering studies, 3d renderings and high-touch client interaction to get final approval and proceed with the final prototype.  We were able to successfully create a custom rolling tablet stand for the client, satisfying all of their project needs and manufacturing their custom product.



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