Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I determine if my monitor is compatible with your products?

A: Each of our individual product pages list product specs, including monitor weight or size compatibility.


Q: How do I know which Freedom Arm to order for my iMac® or Thunderbolt/Cinema Display?

A: CLICK HERE to see an Apple Compatibility Chart.


Q: I want to convert my Ergotech desk stand into a new configuration for more monitors.  What parts do I need to order?

A: CLICK HERE to see our Desk Stand Convertibility Chart.


Q:  My monitor isn’t VESA compliant and does not have a VESA pattern, what do I do?

A:  Unfortunately, without a VESA pattern on the backside of your monitor, your monitor will not be compatible with our Ergotech products unless the manufacturer of your monitor has an alternative VESA adapter or solution.


Q: What size VESA patterns are compatible with Ergotech products?

A: All Ergotech products are compatible with 75X75 and 100X100.


Q: I am having trouble inserting the pole into the cone on the base of the triple desk stand, how do I do this?

A: Loosen the 4 bolts on the bottom so u are able to move the cone around in order to put the pole in the right spot to screw in. Just being the slightest bit off will make it difficult to get the pole securely on.


Q:  I'm located in Canada, how can I order your products?

A: CLICK HERE to order our products through our Canadian reseller, Ergo Canada.


Q:  I'm located in Europe, how can I order your products?

A: CLICK HERE to order through our UK site.


Q:  My monitors are 27” and the desk stands are only hold 24” monitors, what are my options?

A:  CLICK HERE to purchase Telescoping Wings, which will give you an extra 5" extension on each side allowing for 27" monitors.


Q:  The product I ordered didn’t come with any instructions, where can I find them?

A:  Please email and we will have them sent to you.


Q.  What is the difference between a flush mount and a grommet mount?

A.  A flush mount can be fastened to any flat surface with screws or bolts. Allowing flush mount can be fastened to multiple interfaces. Grommet mounts can be easily attached to any surface that has an existing hole. If no hole exists, a 5/16” hole must be created. This option provides a simple way to attach to a flat work surface with underneath access.


Q.  What do I do if the product I ordered is missing pieces or came in damaged?

A.  Please mail with your order or sales number, pictures of the product, and box that it came in.


Q.  What do I do if the triple cross bar on my triple desk stand won’t stay in place/the pole clamp won’t tighten?

A.  The t-handle located on the cross bar may not be not able to go through the second hole on the clamp. You will need to grab some pliers (or another tool) and push both of the ends closer to each other in order for the t-handle to be able to feed through both of the poles and then it will be able to tighten onto the pole.


Q.  What is a "pivot" and what are the difference between a standard pivot and a height adjustable pivot?

A.  We have two different types of pivots: our standard pivot and our height adjustable pivot. The pivot attaches to the back of the monitor with screws and is then placed onto the bar of the monitor mount that you have. This enables the monitor to be able to pivot up and down, pan left to right. Our standard pivot is able to just pivot up and down and pan. Our height adjustable can both pivot and pan but also increase and decrease the height of the monitor.


Q.  What is the difference between the FDM-MAC-S01-VESA and the FDM-HD-S01?

A.  Nothing.  The FDM-MAC-S01-VESA was renamed FDM-HD-S01 in 2015 because it is not a Mac exclusive product.  These are the exact same product, with nothing more than a name and label change on the box!

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