Desk Stand Mounting Options:

Part Codes: A00041 and A00041-S

Desk Clamp Mount


Ergotech's desk clamp mounts are easily installed on any flat desk surface with an exposed back edge allowing for the clamp.  No tools are required to attach the clamp to the desk.  Simply turn the attached knob.


Part Codes:       A00041 (Black)      A00041-S (Silver)

Part Codes: A00034 and A00034-S

Grommet Mount


Grommet mounts easily attach to any flat surface with an existing hole. If there is no existing hole, a 1/2″ hole must be created. This option provides a simple way to attach to a flat work surface with underside access. This is an ideal solution for single and dual LCD monitor mounts.


Part Codes:       A00034 (Black)      A00034-S (Silver)

Part Codes: A00103 and A00103-S

Flush Mount


The flush mount can be fastened to any flat surface with screws or through-bolts (preferable). The single flush mount is available in numerous bottom plate configurations. These allow mounting to multiple interfaces such as rail with T nuts and recessed with standard nut and bolt or simple screws. The single flush mount provides extra strength and stability for larger single and dual LCD monitor mounts.


Part Codes:       A00103 (Black)      A00103-S (Silver)

Part Code: A00214 

Slat Wall


The single slat wall mount is designed for single and dual LCD monitor mounts. Contact Ergotech to verify compatibility between your slat wall and our single slat wall bracket mount.


Part Codes:       A00214 (Black)

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