One Touch Sit-Stand Testimonials:

“The Ergotech FlexView Wall Mount System offers stability that a gas lift keyboard arm cannot provide. Also, the ability to rotate the work surface helps to maintain eye contact with the patient while working on the computer, which is much needed in today’s healthcare environment.”

Dr. Owen McIvor, Orthopedic Surgeon

Beaver Medical Group, California




“Ergotech’s new desktop riser, the One Touch Free Stand, represents a step in the right direction for electric-powered risers. Its main competitor, the tankish Taskmate Executive, seems like an anachronistic behemoth next to the comparably sleek and customizable new riser.”

Raf Quintinita





“The options offered by the Ergotech FlexView Wall Mount System are endless! A stable work surface that rotates for typing and writing, a flexible monitor arm or dual monitor arms, and the overall adjustability makes the FlexView the best wall mount system available. Plus, it is an ergonomic dream, with the ability to raise or lower the work surface and monitor to the exact position for the end user. “

Brandt Bahling, Safety Manager

EPIC Management L.P., California




“Got a fixed height desk you can’t quite get rid of? Maybe it’s an antique with sentimental value, or perhaps just a “standard issue” desktop that’s built into your cubicle, but either way, it’s standing in the way of getting to work at an electric height-adjustable workstation.


Thankfully, you still have options, and the Ergotech One Touch Free Stand is one of the best, offering a full 20″ of height adjustment at the touch of a button.”

Jonathan B.

The Human Solution


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